zen stone about us

In Zen Stone, the team has only one vision and that is ‘ Nothing But the Best’ and when its applied in the working, we  get the best results.

Close to Nature, the core team has been working with Natural Stones ( Also known as Quarried Stone ) for the last 3 decades and is closely watching the changes that has been taking place in the industry. Majority of quarried stones  do contain certain flaws such as water permeability, softness, and wild shade variations which are not suited to the project ambiance. Selection of good quality pieces out of the quarried stock is not always possible due to high rejections and consequent cost escalations. Therefore, the role of Natural stones is slowly diminishing despite its beautiful surface texture and subtle shades.

Zen Stones has addressed these issues in the most effective way. Only those Natural stones are selected for further processing which are strong, durable and have smooth shade variations. We welcome you to have a look in our ‘Natural Stone’ section.

Zen Stone did not stop there. Our team captured the surface textures of Natural Stones. Oh yes, we all love those Natural textures, and developed very strong and very durable products with very elegant hues and shades. Made in highly durable and personalized concrete, these products  almost look Natural and command a high respect among the Architects, designers, developers and Homeowners.

We Invite you to have a look at our Engineered Stone section.

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